Who are we?

Votch are a cruelty free watch and accessories company that’s based in the UK. Since launching, Votch have won a number of awards, including PETA Best Men’s Watches, Unicorn Goods Best Vegan Watch Company and Best Vegan Product (Consumer Choice).

What do we sell?

We research and use the most innovative fabrics we can in our watches and accessories and work with materials such as Piñatex and AppleSkin. We have a continual desire to develop designs and durability; we want to make cruelty free accessories available to all.

Why we are Ethicul? 

Votch are passionate about creating ethically conscious, sustainable and innovative vegan leather alternatives. We donate a percentage of our profits to various charities throughout the year and have implemented a Take Back/Give Back recycling scheme to help reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill and promote more sustainable fashion practices. We have also partnered with ACTAsia on their Give Backpack to help create sustainable social change through educating Asian societies about compassion towards animals, and for every Votch order, a mangrove is planted in Madagascar.

Where can you find us?

Online at

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Ethicul Badges

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The Story of Votch

This short video explains the inspiring story of the founder of Votch, Laura Way and what led her to start her own cruelty-free & sustainable watch brand. 

The video was filmed by Redux Content.

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