Who are we?

We at Tilia Publishing UK aim to celebrate and share experience as well as enjoyment of the world and our environment through the books we write and publish and the greeting cards we produce from our own family artwork.

What do we sell?

We sell a wide range of fantastic, original greeting cards which have an emphasis on wildlife, photography, landscape and history, with many that are humorous! We also sell books that we have written and published featuring photography, ecological or landscape subjects and also history. We aim for the books to be mildly provoking or to cover topics that in general often get overlooked or taken for granted. Humour and observation of oddity are a key characteristic.

Why we are Ethicul?

Ethics and sustainability are very important to us. One significant way that we reflect this is to always make sure our printing is local (within the UK, mostly within 150 miles). While this can constrain our margins, it gives us the confidence to know that we are putting work into local companies and having minimal environmental impact through the distance travelled. Paper and card are FSC approved, meaning that these materials are from well-managed forests and/or recycled sources. We are always trying to find new ways to be even more sustainable and new companies to deal with to achieve this. Currently we are exploring alternatives to cellophane and bubble-wrap, while retaining quality control for the delivery of bought items to our customers.

Where can you find us?

Tilia Publishing UK's range of greeting cards and books can be found and ordered online here: https://www.tiliapublishinguk.co.uk. You may also be lucky enough to find them stocked at a store near you! A growing number of retailers are finding customers returning to buy the greeting cards with the local scenes and/or the wildlife in particular.

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