Who are we?

My name is Lau, and I am the Founder of The Creative Upcycler, a purpose-led, commercially driven social enterprise on a mission to help reduce the amount of wood and metal waste going to landfill. I am an eco-friendly woodworker, jewellery designer and maker based in Brighton, Sussex, UK.

As a little girl, I grew up in my dad’s wood and metal workshop and discovered my passion for woodworking and innovative design. I travelled throughout Latin America and lived in Mexico for 10 years where I opened my first woodworking and crafts workshop and learned jewellery-making skills with local makers. When I came back to Europe, I was appalled by the amount of wood waste going to landfill, so I decided to set up an eco-friendly woodworking and jewellery-making business from my workshop in Brighton, Sussex.

What do we sell?

I design, make and sell a unique range of professional, handmade, eco-friendly, wooden jewellery and homeware. The products in my shop are some examples of my work. All rings are unique, eco-friendly and handmade to order, so if you've got an idea of a design and you would like me to use your own eco-friendly materials (gemstones, semi-precious stones, stone inlays, metal inlays, wood, stone, metal, sand, ash, fossils...) please feel free to contact me. Whilst some pieces are unique, others can be replicated to an extent – with a similar design depending on the availability of the reclaimed materials. All my products are handmade, and each item has an individual story to tell. 

Why we are Ethicul?

I collect or buy salvaged, reclaimed wood and other sustainable materials from cabinet makers, shops, building sites, recycling yards, skips and fly tipping to make a unique range of professional, wooden/metal jewellery and rustic objects for the home and garden. I am not only playing my part to reduce the amount of wood sent to landfill, but am also meeting the needs of environmentally-conscious customers.

Where can you find us?

You can visit my jewellery Etsy store here. Alternatively, check out my personal shop (more products) here. Thank you for supporting an independent, eco-friendly maker.

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Ethicul Badges

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Reduced Waste

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Locally Sourced

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Fair Trade

Eco-Friendly, Bespoke Design

Designing rings for all occasions (Wedding rings, wedding bands for men and women, engagement rings, anniversary rings, Valentine's rings, Father's Day gifts, Mother's Day gifts, memorial rings, wooden rings, silver rings, titanium rings, tungsten rings, stainless steel rings, turquoise rings, cufflinks, bangles, earrings, necklaces...).

During the planning process, I will always discuss with you materials, colours, finishes and styles, so that we come up with some great ideas together which meet your eco-friendly design requirements.

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