Who am I?

I am a sussex-based freelance illustrator and fine artist with a career spanning almost 12 years. I started this path in the traditional sense by completing an art foundation in Brighton and choosing to pursue illustration at a degree level. Through many pitfalls and a lot of soul searching about what kind of visual artist I wanted to be I realised that my love for nature and botanicals was what motivated me. I was privileged to have an upbringing that centered on foraging and the countryside and the outdoors has been a true love of mine; it followed that creating work that the reflected that passion.

What I sell?

I sell artwork created by myself, such as: prints, original paintings and custom portraits of my customer’s friends and family.  I have also printed my artwork onto t-shirts and tea towels, meaning you could have my artwork at home or whilst you are out and about. Some of my work also features quotes from books and films that either inspire me or give me a chuckle and those pieces have become some of my most popular sellers. 

What makes me Ethicul?

I have always had a passion for combining sustainability and ethics with my artwork. I ensure that my deliveries have limited air miles for offshore orders and have eradicated as much plastic as possible from my work.  At one point I was making screen printed artworks but due to the amount of harmful chemicals used in the process I am now on the hunt for better and more sustainable ways of printing, particularly in my t-shirts. Subsequently the ones I have listed are limited and once they are gone, I will be making changes as to how they are produced. I make sure that the suppliers I use to source t-shirts are ethical, made from sustainable resources and covered by the modern slavery act. 

Where can you find my work?

You can find my work here : 

  • Phoebe Kirk - Sealife
  • Phoebe Kirk - Animals
  • Phoebe Kirk - Logo
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Ethicul Badges

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Reduced Waste

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Carbon Conscious

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Equal Opportunities

The Changes I'm Making

I am constantly adapting and sourcing new materials for packaging and production. Some of the foil prints that I create are made with a plastic based toner foil, these are great for making beautiful shiny prints but create plastic offcuts. So far, I haven't discarded any but I have a box full of the offcuts that I am holding on to for when I come up with a use for them! I have endeavoured to get of all plastics used in delivery, with the exception of the postal tubes I use for print; these have plastic lids. I am still on the lookout for completely cardboard tubes, my white whale of packaging.

My Favourite Piece

A couple of years ago I was living in Northern France in Normandy. A local pastime there is called Pêche à pied which literally means walking and fishing or fishing on foot. This involves beachcombing for shellfish and seafood, you’ll see everyone from children and young adults to the elderly down by the shore with a bucket and stick looking for these delicacies. Inspired by this I create the Pêche à pied print, which later on became my very popular tea towels. Each shell and sea creature were hand painted in gouache and then I arranged them all together to create this piece.