Connect with eco-consumers and build customer loyalty


Bridging the gap between eco-consumers and your business doing good. Access a close knit community of sustainably minded individuals looking to spend guilt free,


Take the hassle out of creating, implementing and running a rewards scheme. Use ethicul's in-store and online platform to reward each and everyone of your customers with ease.


Your business grows, your customer loyalty grows and you support the growth of like minded businesses,

Put a stamp on your sustainable credentials

Showcase that your business contributes towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals and appeal to a growing number of conscious consumers.

What we stand for

Our mission is to empower society to make sustainable decisions using rewards and convenience of choice, whilst supporting our fantastic partners to thrive through greater visibility and customer reach.

Our vision is to create 1,000,000 transactions between individuals and sustainable businesses across the UK by 2025.  

"ethicul gives small businesses a voice and consumers a choice"

Vic and Dan


Plans include

A monthly subscription that is tailored to your business, suited for both online and in-store retailers


Plug-in rewards scheme for your business that is proven to build customer loyalty and drive new sales.


Developed in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals, bolster consumer trust with ethicul badges.


Embed bespoke brand packages to enhance customer experience at the point of sale and beyond.


Join a community of thought leaders to share experiences, overcome challenges and thrive together. 

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