Who are we?

ORGANERGY is on a journey, founded by Alex Catchpole who believes that good health begins in the gut. We are striving to make all our products as healthy as possible, in line with contemporary nutritional science. 

What do we sell?

We sell a delicious range of pro-biotic and pre-biotic snacks which are all handmade, organic and bursting with life! 

Why we are Ethicul?

We source the most ethically and environmentally friendly ingredients available and use low to zero impact packaging. We aim to be carbon neutral by planting trees and flowers to offset our carbon footprint - to help be a regenerative business. We are proud to be zero waste in our production and let nothing go to landfill!

Where can you find us?

You can find all of our delicious range of ORGANERGY products on our website: https://organergy.co.uk/#shop. We welcome you to collect your order in person to save on shipping and the environmental cost of couriers! 

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Behind The Scenes

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