Who are we?

I'm Maria, a vegan level 5 Clinical and Sports massage therapist and well-being practitioner based in Brighton and I offer a range of in-clinic massage treatments at Brighton & Hove Therapies to assist with pain and injury. In addition, I offer complementary therapies to support your well-being; when you'd like some 'you time'. In my spare time I run marathons and ultra marathons (over 160 to date) an I am a member of Vegan Runners UK. I am also a British Cycling Coach and Breeze Champion, leading and promoting rides for women locally. From sports people to office workers or gardeners and labourers; I can help you.

What do I sell?

I work in a clinic at Brighton & Hove Therapies and in offices and at events.
I offer a variety of treatments from deep tissue to clinical and sports massage, as well as complementary therapies and on site chair massage that enhance and support your well-being.

Why am I Ethicul?

I became a vegetarian in the 1980’s and have been vegan for the last 8 years or so. I became veggie and then vegan on compassionate grounds, but having achieved so many sporty goals, I have to give some credit to my plant-based diet. I am concerned for the planet and have made it my mission to be as eco-friendly as possible. Last year, I decided to forego foreign holidays and signed a ‘no flying’ agreement.

COVID-19 has meant that I have had to change the way I work drastically. My insurers insist that I wear disposable PPE. I'm still working on perfect solutions and this is what I've managed to do so far to cut down on my carbon footprint:

  • Biodegradable nitral gloves, aprons and compostable bags for laundry.
  • Vegan, eco-friendly free massage waxes.
  • Light Hamen towels have replaced heavy towels to save energy and water.
  • Kinesio tapes and other products when used are confirmed vegan friendly.

Where can you find me?

My website and bookings can be found on my website: Brighton & Hove Therapies are based at 1 The Offices, 10 Fleet St, BN1 4ZE.


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