Who are we?

We're the only mobile network in the UK providing Green Data. We're B Corp certified and we offset 2x the carbon impact of our customers' calls, SMS, data, phone charging and phone manufacture as well as the full impact of Honest Mobile HQ.

What do we sell?

We offer monthly SIM only plans which get cheaper every month thanks to our loyalty discount. If we notice you're on the wrong plan we'll let you know so you can switch to a cheaper option.

Why we are Ethicul? 

We think customers can change the world by showing big business that we want better from our providers. We dream of a day where the biggest businesses in the UK are all B Corps too, in the meantime, join us to change Mobile for good. We're also a proud member of 1% for the Planet and on top of our carbon commitments donate 1% of all revenues to reforestation projects with our partner, TreeSisters.

Where can you find us?

Find us online at or in the iOS and Android App Stores.

Annotated SIM - Honest Mobile

Track your phone's carbon footprint

Track your phone’s carbon footprint and track the positive impact you’re having by removing CO2 from the atmosphere and planting extra trees.

Offset and capture CO2

Honest Mobile offset double the carbon footprint of your smartphone. This means you remove CO2 from the atmosphere every time you use your phone. They do this by investing in afforestation, biochar and direct air capture.

Grow your own forest

1% of your bill is donated to reforestation projects. This is in on top of being a carbon negative company and helps to improve biodiversity and support local communities. Help them on their mission to plant 1 million trees.

Ethicul Badges

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Carbon Conscious

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Giving Back

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Living Wage Employer

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Reduced Waste

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