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Rewards you say?

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Email your receipts to earn ethicul tokens ([email protected]).

Using your tokens, redeem an ethicul reward of your choice.

500 ethicul token rewards

Default image

£20 online gift card. (must be 18+)

Reward Code - 500A.

Default image

Harriet's of Hove gift bundle. (Brighton only)

Reward Code - 500B.

Default image

Vegan chocolate bundle.

Reward Code - 500C.

Default image

£12 off when you spend £50.

Reward Code - 500D.

Default image

20% off your entire purchase.

Reward Code - 500E.

Default image

30% off your order at Nostos Hove.

Reward Code - 500F.

Default image

25% off a package with AmpliFitness.

Reward Code - 500G.

Default image

50% off any massage therapy.

Reward Code - 500H.

(Excludes Saturday)

Default image

Balancing oils set.(Floating Feather)

Reward Code - 500I.

Default image

House of fudge selection box.

Reward Code - 500J.

Default image

Free T-Shirt when you book a session.

Reward  Code - 500K.

(Online and gym sessions)

Default image

£10 online gift card. (AMC Jewellery)

Reward Code - 500L.

250 ethicul token rewards

Default image

£5 online gift card. (Mintie)

Reward Code - 250A.

Default image

£5 off when you spend £25.

Reward Code - 250B.

Default image

£10 online gift card. (must be 18+)

Reward Code - 250C.

Default image

Buy 3 bags of coffee & get 1 free.

Reward Code - 250D.

Default image

10% off RubyMoon's sorphea swimsuit.

Reward Code - 250E.

Default image

Free knickers with a £55+ set.

Reward Code - 250F.

Default image

10% off your entire shop.

Reward Code - 250G.

Default image

Free bottle of wine with your meal.

Reward Code - 250H.

Default image

10% off a package with AmpliFitness.

Reward Code - 250I.

Default image

25% off any massage therapy.

Reward Code - 250J.

(Excluding Saturday)

Default image

250g fudge gift box.(any flavour)

Reward Code - 250K.

Default image

10% off online personal training.

Reward Code - 250L.

Default image

25% off site wide. (Tikauo)

Reward Code - 250M.

Default image

Free pair of studs with any order.

Reward Code - 250N.

Your questions answered

  • Once signed up, we will send you an introduction with some further information on how it all works (please check your spam).
  • As soon as you send us any proof of purchase, we add this to your total spend (remember a purchase of any value generates you tokens).
  • On a weekly basis Ethicul will send you a personal update as to how many tokens you have.
  • If you would like to know your token balance at any point, simply email us on [email protected] and we will let you know.

  • Unfortunately, we will need a valid proof of purchase such as a receipt or online order confirmation to add any tokens to your account.
  • Regarding older receipts, we allow our community 7 days to submit them from the original date of purchase.

  • Once you reach either 250 or 500 tokens (depending on what you are saving for), we will notify you on the upcoming weekly update.
  • Following this email, simply reply with your choice from the above grid quoting the unique reward code (250A etc) and we will be in touch to arrange delivery.

  • It is entirely up to you whether you want to redeem or save towards one of the 500 Ethicul Token rewards.
  • We will let you know you are eligible but you do not need to redeem. Simply wait until you reach the magic 500 before letting us know what you would like to claim!