Easy ways to get ethicul at home

Tip 1:
Why not organise your emails? Once the sun has gone in, hop onto your laptop and get deleting. Every email is held in a server, the more data held in a  server has the more energy that is used. Something as simple as deleting emails you no longer need helps to save energy, meaning less CO2 emissions, less pollution, and a healthier planet. πŸ’š

A decluttered desk
Homemade bread with chia seeds

Tip 2:

Homemade bread (without a bread maker) 🍞. This is a really good way of reducing the amount of plastic coming into your home, whilst saving a few pennies. It is incredibly satisfying and can save you a trip to the supermarket. Check out our Instagram to see how we got on and follow @doeshebakedough for some real inspiration! πŸ’š

Tip 3:

Get moving 🀸🏽. Home workouts are a good way to feel great and don’t cost a penny! Squeezing in 30 minutes of daily exercise will do wonders for your mental and physical health. If you don’t have the space, aim for activities that you can do from the comfort of your lounge such as yoga and pilates, or get that heart beat up by doing aerobics or dancing. Top tip: find items round the house to use in your workout. For example, full laundry detergent bottles make fantastic weights. πŸ’š

A lady doing yoga exercise
A hand shaped in a heart, holding soil and a small plant

Tip 4:

Surf the web! Want to help create a sustainable planet whilst sat at home? Simply switch your internet search engine to Ecosia. They are like any other search engine; except they use their profits to plant trees! In February 2020 alone, our browsing allowed Ecosia to spend over 1.5 million euros on planting trees. πŸ’š Follow the link here: https://www.ecosia.org/?c=en