Our Cookie Policy

This Website (“Website”) is published and maintained by Ethicul Limited. This Cookie Policy governs your use of the Website, which is located at http://ethicul.co.uk. 

Cookies are small files that are sent from websites to users' computers and store the user's information to optimize a company's site, make visiting the site again easier, and sending ads. This allow's us to consistently improve our user's experience and provide anonymised tracking data to third party applications such as Google Analytics.

We have categorized the cookies we use on our website to show you what ones we use and for what reasons:

Essential Cookies:

These cookies allow you to move around the site and use all of it's features. 

Performance Cookies:

These cookies tell us about how you use our site, for example what pages you have visited. This helps to review our site and make it more user friendly, as we learn how people interact with it's current structure. These cookies also enable us to let our affiliates know if you have visited our website from an external link on their web page and if this visit resulted in you purchasing a product from us or signing up to our mail list. 

Functionality Cookies:
These particular cookies allow us to see the way you navigate the site, for example which links you clink to go to other pages and in what order. These cookies store your geographical location so that in the future we can make sure that you receive a localized version of our website that is tailored to your location. These cookies also can be used to show which products & images have been viewed, to ensure in future your experience on the website is different. The information from these cookies will not personally identify any of your personal details and they only track whilst you are browsing Ethicul Limited websites.

What do we use our cookies for?

Authentication - Cookies allow us to show you information that is relevant to you and help us in personalising your experience on the website.

Security - The cookies we use allow us to detect malicious activity on our website to support our security in ensuring there is no violations of the code of conduct on our website.

Advertising - We use cookies so that we can show you relevant information about our business whilst on our website and off it. We also use cookies to see if someone who saw an external ad later visited our website and took an action, such as signing up to join the community. Similarly, our partners may use cookies to allow them to see if we have shown an ad and how it performed, or give us information from this to how you reacted and engaged to the ad. We may also work with our partners to show you an ad on and when you are not on our website, for example if you have visited a partners website or mobile application.

Contact us

If you have any questions, concerns or complaints in relation to our website or this cookie policy please contact us at [email protected]