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Ethicul showcase sustainable pledges - Ryan Hudson (April 2022)

Take a look at the pledges people made on Earth Day at TEDxBrighton. Each brand at the event picked a pledge which people could support, in this blog we highlight the different pledges and give some tips to make them easier.

The ethicul pledge card

Is it cheaper to shop at a local supermarket rather than a UK chain? - Ryan Hudson (March 2022)

People often believe it has to be more expensive to shop locally and ethically, however this isn't always the case. Harriet's of Hove, a vegan & plastic free refill store recently carried out a price comparison study; which Ryan wanted to share.

Fair Trade Bananas

Looking for Sustainable ways to celebrate Mother's Day this Sunday? - Maya Cage (March 2022)

With Mother's Day approaching us, Maya Cage one of the ethicul team has shared some great ways to celebrate Mother's day sustainably.

A mother walking her child in a buggy.

Choose the world you want - Fair Trade fortnight - Maya Cage (February 2022)

With Fair Trade fortnight upon us, Maya Cage discusses what does fair trade really stand for, what does it uphold and shares a selection of fair trade independent brands partnered with ethicul.

Fair Trade Bananas

The top 5 sustainable living mobile apps in 2022 - Ryan Hudson (February 2022)

Living a more sustainable lifestyle isn't always easy, but there are mobile apps out there that have been built to help. In this article Ryan showcases his 5 favourite sustainable living mobile apps. P.S. The last one is pretty exciting...

Iphone home screen with mobile apps

How to have a sustainable Christmas - Ethicul (December 2021)

Mass consumption is rife at this time of festivities, so Becca has wrote an article suggesting a number of different ways you can have a more sustainable & impactful Christmas.

Sustainable Christmas Decorations

Take part our plastic free july challenge - Ethicul (July 2021)

Play your part in the plastic free July bingo challenge to win a mystery reward and ethicul tokens! Our world is facing a climate crisis, humans have produced 8.3 billion metric tons of plastics since 1950, with only 9% of which being recycled.

Football Players

'8 sustainable innovations that could shape the future' - Ryan Hudson (June 2021)

Innovation is the key to turning this planet into a sustainable one. Here are 8 of Ryan's favourite sustainable innovations that have arised in recent years. Check it out you might find something you have never heard of before...

A photo of the Plenty indoor vertical farm in California

'Pledgeball | Football Fans Tackle Climate Change' - Katie Cross (May 2021)

The football community can have a huge positive impact fighting against climate change. Katie Cross set up the charity Pledgeball, that harnesses the spirit of football fans to come together to tackle climate change.

Football Players

'We Can #BuildBackBetter: World Fair Trade Day 2021' - The Fair Shop (May 2021)

On World Fair Trade Day, The Fair Shop discuss how out of the pandemic we must not return to the 'normal' or 'the way thing's were' but build a brighter future and how Fair Trade supply chains are the solution.

The Fair Shop

'Is there an ethical problem with privacy?' - Julian Sanders, CEO at PORT.im (May 2021)

Privacy is one of the biggest ethical challenges of our time. Julian Sanders discusses the ever growing information that is created about us in this digital age & how data privacy can be better communicated and understood.

Big Data Is Watching You

'Ethical tea at an ethical cafe' - Kavitha Ravikumar (May 2021)

Kavitha talks about visiting one of Ethicul's partnered businesses, About Balance & sitting outside their cafe for a cup of ethically sourced tea.

About Balance Cafe in Brighton

'Search engines: resisting the monopolisation of our digital lives' - Josh at Mojeek (April 2021)

In the article, Josh at Mojeek outlines how we can resist the monopolisation of our digital lives through which search engine we use.

'Environmentally friendly household swaps' - Alcia Loach at Pocket Angel CIC (April 2021)

Alcia discusses her journey towards living a more sustainable lifestyle, highlighting some of the eco friendly swaps she has made around the house.

'Quick and easy eco swaps for a more sustainable lifestyle' - Alcia Loach at Pocket Angel CIC (April 2021)

In the article, Alcia outlines some of the quick and easy swaps she has made to a live more sustainable lifestyle.

'Ethical consumption' - Claire Potter (March 2021)

Our friend Claire discusses some of the key principles behind ethical consumption. 

'The environmental impact of jewellery' - Amy at AMC Jewellery (March 2021)

In this article, Amy addresses some of the key impacts jewellery is having on the environment - including metal mining, pearl farming and importation.

'Easy ways to reduce your plates (or foods) carbon footprint' - Ethicul (March 2021)

Charlie discusses some of the important changes we can make to reduce the carbon footprint of the food we eat.

The Ethicul Team

'How to save a tired bee' - Ethicul (March 2021)

Found a bee in distress? This post provides a quick and easy way to help save tired bees.

'Reduce waste and make your own coffee spirit' by Kavitha Ravikumar (March 2021)

Kav discusses how we can get creative with our left over alcohol, and transform them into a tasty coffee spirit.

The Ethicul Team

'What does sustainable mean?' - Ethicul (March 2021)

As we know, defining sustainability is difficult. In this article, co-founder Matt discusses the meaning to him.

'How does shopping locally help the economy?' by Adam Bastock (March 2021)

In this article, Adam talks about why shopping locally is so important and how it plays a vital role in supporting the economy.

The Ethicul Team

'Unsustainable Footwear Consumption' - Emma Shukie & Ethicul (March 2021)

An infographic by Emma shows the unsustainable consumption of footwear, but also a glimpse of hope. Ethicul supported this by writing a blog alongside it. 

'Reflecting on the journey' - Ethicul (February 2021)

We are quickly approaching our one year anniversary since forming. We thought it would be a great time to reflect and remember the highlights from last year. 

The Ethicul Team

'Veganuary' - Sustainably Charlotte (January 2021)

Many know the positive impact a plant based diet has on the planet. This veganuary, Sustainably Charlotte shared some easy recipes to try at home.

Ethicul wanted you to have the most ethical christmas possible. We highlighted a few ways to limit your impact on the environment during the festive period.

The Ethicul Team

There are easy switches we can all make, but they often take time to find. Our friends at Mintie share some simple changes you can make.

The team at the University of Brighton's Alumni Association shared an article about Ethicul, following us sharing our story with them.

The Ethicul Team

The last year has been an undoutebly tough one, that is why Amanda has shared the importance of thinking of you week and staying in touch.

If your looking to reduce your waste, this is the perfect article for you. Ethicul give you some easy zero waste switches for the good of the planet.

The Ethicul Team

The fashion industry has so many negative impacts on our planet. Here we discuss why things must change and share those who are leading this.

The team at Ethicul talk about founding during final year exams and a global pandemic. 

The Ethicul Team

My Green Pod shared an article about Ethicul within their supplement they provided for the Guardian.

Read the article that the team at the University of Brighton wrote about Ethicul.

The Ethicul Team

Ethicul were proud to feature in The Argus, who shared our mission with the Brighton community.

Ethicul feature on a Brighton Startup podcast, where we share our journey and why we are on a mission to make the world a fairer and sustainable place.

The Ethicul Team

The team at Ethicul were invited to present for Silicon Brighton as part of their amazing virtual NHS fundraiser.

'Ethicul - raising the profiles of ethical companies' - Brighton Business School (April 2020)

The Brighton Business School wrote a blog about Ethicul, this was the place where Ethicul first really formed as an idea and a concept.

The Ethicul Team

Written back in lockdown 1.0 - we share four easy things you can do to live a more sustainable lifestyle at home.

Right at the start of our journey, the University of Brighton wrote a blog about Ethicul and how it all started.

The Ethicul Team