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7 Sustainable Christmas Tips (11.12.2020)

In this blog Ryan, one of the co-founders of Ethicul, gives you 7 easy tips to have a more sustainable Christmas this year!

'Alternative Sustainable Products For Your Home' - Mintie Lunchboxes (07.11.2020)

In this guest blog from our wonderful friends at Mintie Lunchboxes, the team discuss some easy changes we can all make within our own homes for a more sustainable future.

'2020 alumni set up their own ethical business in Brighton' - UoB Alumni Association (04.10.2020)

In this blog, one of our co-founders talks about all things Ethicul and how his degree helped in turning the concept into reality.

Thinking Of You Week - Keeping In Touch' - Amanda Davey, Tilia Publishing UK (29.09.2020)

The wonderful Amanda of Tilia Publishing UK addresses the importance of keeping in touch with others, and not just during 'thinking of you' week.

'Zero Waste Week - Top Tips' - Ethicul (16.09.2020)

We share some easy changes you can make to minimise your wastage. Not only this, we discuss some worrying statistics about why zero waste week should be every week.

'The need for change in the fashion industry' - Ethicul (14.09.2020)

In this blog, we discuss the need for drastic change in the fashion industry with a focus on the unethical practices of the powerhouses

'Covidarity Festival 2020 Talk - Ethicul' (26.07.2020)

In this feature, we talk about founding Ethicul during a global pandemic and how it affected us as a business. 

'The Health Revolution Issue - My Green Pod Supplement In The Guardian' (24.07.2020)

We discuss shopping locally, giving visibility to ethical retailers and our vision to create over 1,000,000 Ethicul transactions by 2025.

'Graduates boosting ethical business' - University of Brighton (10.07.2020)

It was fantastic to feature in this University of Brighton article. It explains what we have done so far to boost ethical business.

'University of Brighton graduates launch ethical business app' - The Argus (07.07.2020)

It was fantastic to feature in The Argus! This article showcases our mission and how we are rewarding individuals for making ethically minded purchasing decisions.

'Starting a company as final year undergraduates' - Brighton Startup (26.06.2020)

In this podcast with Brighton Startup, we tell the story of starting Ethicul as three final year students at the University of Brighton! It is amazing to reflect on the progress we have made as a team since initially recording this back in May 2020!

'Ethicul Purchasing - The Time is Now' (08.05.2020)

Our full talk for the NHS fundraiser; Silicon Brighton Online.  We discuss the impacts of our purchasing habits, what more ethically minded firms are doing to address this; and how we can all fight back together!

'Ethicul are raising the profiles of ethical companies' - Brighton Business School (14.04.2020)

This blog provides a fascinating insight into how threats can become opportunities. These times have been tough, but we can come back stronger by sticking together!

Stay Home. Stay Safe.

'Ethicul at home. 4 easy things you can do' (10.04.2020)

We’ve come up with some simple ways to keep ethical, sustainable and occupied during these uncertain times. Let's get Ethicul!

'Ethicul on a mission to support sustainable businesses' - University of Brighton (18.03.2020)

Check out this awesome blog from the University of Brighton which summarises who we are and what we are striving to achieve.