Mission and vision

Our mission is to empower society to make sustainable decisions using rewards and convenience of choice, whilst supporting our fantastic partners to thrive through greater visibility and customer reach.

Our vision is to create 1,000,000 transactions between individuals and sustainable businesses across the UK by 2025.

How it all started

When Matt, Charlie and Ryan moved to Brighton in 2016 to attend University; they were impressed by how many fantastic, sustainable businesses there were. They could see why it is among the greenest cities in the UK; yet found themselves shopping with the powerhouses that often greenwash reputations, this is where they recognised the problem. They didn’t know what these businesses had to offer, and factors such as convenience and price simply got in the way.

Having sat on the idea, support from Brighton University relit a spark for taking ethicul forward. The three co-founders recognised that there an ongoing need for a solution where everyone wins by shopping sustainably. However, they could not achieve this alone, so they combined forces with Jack and Maya. The rest is history!