Who are we?

About Balance is a low-cost, fair-trade well being centre, making wellbeing affordable and accessible to all. 

What do we sell?

We offer floatation therapy, yoga classes, and many types of treatments as well as a shop that sells things made by local makers and a vegan cafe that offers a variety of hot drinks and delicious snacks.

Why we are Ethicul?

We make sure that all of our therapists and teachers get to keep 100% of their income, so despite us being low-cost they can go home with a good wage. We do so by having a membership scheme, called the Karma card, having that card (For only £10 a month) makes everything we do super affordable and support us and over 50 small businesses that work from our premises. 

Where can you find us?

You can find us in Brighton; 20-22 Gloucster Place, BN1 4AA. Alternatively, head to our website here to find out more!

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Equal Opportunities

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Fair Trade

Affordable Wellbeing

Effie has found a way to make wellbeing affordable to all people, even people like her self, or her musician friends, or fellow students, and artists and the people that made Brighton the amazing city that it is.

None of them could afford £15 yoga classes or £50 treatments. The talk is about about the process of manifesting things you want, on thinking outside the box, on saying yes to opportunities and on how when life gives you Lemons you should make capirinha.

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