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To celebrate the launch of our website, a selected number of our partners have offered exclusive discount codes to get your tokens started!

Our Favourite Discounts

Brighton Lace

Brighton-based ethical & zero-waste lingerie label! Dedicated to making feel-good underwear that doesn't cost the earth.

Choc Chick

Producers of completely raw, organic and natural products made from sustainable and ethically sourced cacao. Yum.

My Green Pod

The sustainable & ethical news, products & lifestyle hub.


HISBE are no ordinary supermarket, they are igniting a revolution by putting customers, suppliers and employees first.


The Ethicul Values

We know that defining what it means to be ethical is up for interpretation, so it is important that we have our own set of values that outlines what we believe in. These are the three Ethicul pillars that prop up everything we stand for, and what our fantastic retailers continue to showcase.

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Social Wellbeing

We champion businesses who seek to establish positive connections, promote social stability, and encompass a sense of belonging within their operations. 

Supporting mental and physical health, employee empowerment, social enterprises.

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Sustainable Planet

There is a severe environmental crisis upon us. We believe in the businesses protecting our environment and paving the way for future generations.

Sustainable supply chain, recyclable material, renewable energy, carbon conscious, regenerative practices.

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Better Communities

We support businesses who are breaking boundaries and overcoming challenges to strive for both equality and opportunity within our communities. 

Sourcing local, giving back, community outreach, transparency, CIC's.

Ethicul Jungle
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The Ethicul Jungle

As shown above, one of our key values is based on building a sustainable planet. Within this, we are striving to encompass regenerative practices and help pave the way for future generations 🌍.

Alongside growing our unique community - we are growing our very own jungle too! 💚

We would really appreciate your generous support and donations to this fantastic cause. #EthiculJungle


Ethicul are extremely grateful to be supported by both the University of Brighton alongside its entrepreneurship support service; Beepurple