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Join hundreds of members earning rewards just by shopping sustainably at Hisbe, Choc Chick, Honest Mobile and many more. 

Spend with a clear conscience

We do the work and partner with businesses going over and above.

Earn tokens everytime you spend

Accumulate ethicul tokens every time you purchase from 40+ businesses.

Redeem exclusive rewards

Use your tokens to redeem exclusive rewards, with over 20 to choose from.

As an ethicul member

Stand up against planet and people exploitation.

Support fantastic independent businesses.

Get rewarded for your positive purchases.

Shop by your own ethical preferences.

Live a sustainable lifestyle.

What the community say


"Since moving to Brighton in August it's been wonderful having a community of ethical businesses to support. It's so easy to build your reward points just with your weekly shopping and we've loved trying out so many new ethical brands."


"Ethicul has made it easy for me to shop sustainably online and as a bonus, I've picked some amazing eco gifts as my rewards! It feels great knowing my money is going towards supporting people rather than exploiting them!"

Learn, share and celebrate being ethical

Living a sustainable lifestyle can be overwhelming, and it takes collective action to inspire global change.

Featuring guest posts from our wonderful ambassadors and content from us; we have created a place to learn, share and celebrate being ethical.

In case there is anything we missed

Matt, Charlie and Ryan! We are three good friends from Portsmouth who lived together during our time at University. Having formed back in March 2020, we are here to bridge the gap between ethically minded businesses and individuals. We're building a community like no other, and are determined to drive positive change for future generations to come!

Having moved to Brighton for University back in 2016, we were shocked at how many fantastic, ethically minded businesses there were. However, we still found ourselves shopping with the powerhouses that often greenwash their reputations. We, like so many others, wanted to change this. We made it our mission to create a platform where everyone wins for making positive purchasing decisions; and here it is!

If you want to get your tokens off the mark quickly head to our Ethicul Partners page and you will find a wide range of fantastic Ethicul businesses to shop with. As you browse, you will notice that they cover a wide range of industries meaning there is something for everyone! A number of these businesses you can purchase from online, however you can also generate tokens in person at a range of shops, restaurants and well-being centres that we have partnered up with too. You will never earn less than 5% back in value relative to your spend; so yep, we give you much more back than the big supermarket loyalty schemes.

The sky is the limit! We are an ambitious bunch, so we think we can make a huge difference in fighting for the sustainability of the planet, enhancing communities, and improving social wellbeing. It is crucial that each and every one us plays a part in making the world a fairer and more sustainable place.

Help pave the way towards a fairer and more sustainable future